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1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion is a journal, scrapbook & anything else. It’s whatever you say it is. Slowly fill the book and by the time it’s done, you’ll have a perfect keepsake of the year you made it through.

It’s full of humor and encouragement, with a self-aware slant. It’s creative inspiration for everyday life. It’s me in a book. I’m your friend, but I’m not afraid to call you out either. Get some sleep! Drink some water! This is the journal that you’re going to actually finish, if it kills us both! It’s also sentimental, introspective and encouraging, with a healthy dose of “the internet,” because that’s just how we write nowadays, tbh.

“The hefty creative journal is a product of Kurtz’ bold perspective on human emotion in our contemporary world. 1 Page at a Time ensures that you’ll find encouragement, entertainment and inspiration in its pages.” –HOW Magazine

“Full of whimsy, wit, and cute doodles, 1 Page at a Time is the perfect inspirational tool, journal, and way to get to know yourself better.” –Powell’s Staff Pick

“Perfectly silly, thought-provoking, and uplifting.” –BuzzFeed

“Life is stressful; welcome to adulthood. When that work project becomes too much, when that argument blows up in your face, or when you’re just feeling blue and need a serious dose of inspiration — Adam to the rescue.” –Bustle

1 Page at a Time

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