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born: toronto
raised: internet
love: baltimore
now: brooklyn 

email list: YES!
tumblr: yep
instagram: yeah
flickr: sure
twitter: ugh

I occasionally write:
Unsolicited Advice
Thought Catalog

print & digital
hand lettering
animated .gifs
gift products
mail (in general)

Hello, I’m Adam J. Kurtz. A lot of people call me “ADAMJK” and that’s okay too. I’m a graphic designer and artist currently living in New York.

I’m very interested in the ephemera of daily life, small tokens and messages, creating honest, accessible work through my INTERNET GIFT SHOP, and other small-scale collaborations. You could say my personal work is “really, really, personal.”

I’m currently Studio Designer at Barton F. Graf. I’ve previously worked at Houpla and Ads Next in Baltimore. I earned a degree in Visual Arts/Design from UMBC in 2009.

Contact me to discuss any freelance or collaborative projects! If I can’t help you personally, I’ll put you in touch with someone great.

Clients include:
Penguin Random House
Urban Outfitters
The New York Times
Warner Music Group

A bit more about me:
LVL3 Gallery (2014)
Booooooom (2014)
adamjk guest intern (2013)
RAW video interview (2013)
IMPOSE Magazine (2013)
OAK NYC (2013)
adamjk guest intern (2012)
PAPER (2012)
tired hands zine (2009)