ADAMJK x Urban Outfitters

In Spring 2015, I teamed up with Urban Outfitters for ADAMJKxUO, a 12-piece housewares collection released in all their North American stores. They were very supportive and I had total creative freedom to make some weird and cute pieces that were very, very me.

The ashtray that my 2013 matchbooks were always supposed to be.
A limited reissue of my own self-released mug design.
Me, if I were a notepad.
Pint glass
My ode to safe drinking and flirting. Think first then establish a mutual connection, toast, and then finally you can drink. Cheers!
Based, nearly verbatim, on a true story of when I tried to "set the mood" once.
A photo album that holds 4x6 photos or postcards of the memories that make life worth living. Sorry, I'm a cheeseball.