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PICK ME UP: A Pep Talk For Now & Later is a new interactive book-journal-guide-thing from the artist/author of 1 Page at a Time that will help you write and draw your own way through the dark parts.

This weird, optimistic book pushes you along with unexpected prompts, “existential activities,” some dark humor, and pages that keep you #connected, even when you feel alone. More than anything, you’ll build your own guide now for figuring shit out later – because someone telling you to “cheer up” is infuriating, but a pep talk from yourself might just work.

Pick it up and leave your mark. When you come back, leave a little more. Watch yourself change as you record and reflect on where you are and where you’re going.

“This book is helping me live my best life and Adam J. Kurtz is my fave therapist!” ‑Tavi Gevinson

“Adam J. Kurtz is master of the playful, lightweight mood booster.” ‑BuzzFeed

“I am so grateful to have Pick Me Up in my life.” ‑Michelle Branch

“This book is so great ❤️🙏👯🌈🎊👻🍾” ‑Tegan and Sara (via twitter)

“By poking fun at society’s unrealistic expectations surrounding eternal happiness, Kurtz instead works to assist his readers in arriving at their own unique pursuit of contentment.” ‑VICE

* * *

As seen at HOW, BuzzFeed, VICE, NYLON, Design*Sponge, Booooooom, Time Out NY, Cool Hunting and more!

Other editions: Brazil, Spain, France, Poland and Portugal

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