2012, A Year Of Unsolicited Advice & Anecdotes, Weekly Planner

“oh is that the famous new york times best-seller” – nobody is going to say that

coolest best weekly planner ever tells you stuff you need to know like how clouds have silver linings and you should never give up on dreams and that you deserve a frozen lemonade and that you should cut your hair and what is flag day anyway? guess i can ask dad this weekend.

“nice guys finish last” – self-reghteous jerks, and nice guys who have given up hope
“home is where the heart is” – or anywhere with an open wifi connection”
“a friend in need is a friend indeed” – come on, man, can you just hook me up just this one time man
“to each his own” – said someone who did not like sharing, probably
“don’t judge a book by its cover” – unless the cover is really awesome, like mine


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measures¬†4.25″ wide x 5.5″ tall, 67lb cover, 28lb inside pages¬†(that’s right! a lil nicer for writing because you’re worth it), black and white, coil bound by yours truly.


full of unsolicited commentary on your classic calendar quotes, enough space for daily notes but without carrying unused space all year. it’s not saturday it’s the weekend. lots of random sheets for notes, including blank, lined, and graph sheets, plus some surprises for good measure.

also features lots of good tools, like a the “zzah brah” pizza ranking scale, an alternative look at foursquare, and oh yeah, a fucking ruler printed on the last sheet.



this weekly planner falls somewhere between “a DIY weekly planner zine” and “a more structured weekly planner that i got as a free sample from a paper company or the staples checkout line.”