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What I Am TRYING To Say To You:
30 Cards To Post & Share

Everyone’s always celebrating something or accomplishing goals or whatever and it’s exhausting! Years ago, you had days or weeks to send a card. Now you have seconds to reply. To relieve the pressure, this book of 30 postcards (and a bonus sticker sheet!) will help you say what you need to express, but maybe can’t. Send them via post (like with a stamp) or snap a pic to text or post online. (You can even just hang them up and look at them??) No matter how you communicate, they’re here to help.

“Oh-so-handy postcards for people who tend to have a hard time communicating.” –BuzzFeed
Then & Now: Undated 12-Month Agenda

This agenda is whatever you want to make of it. It’s undated so start any time. Start now! Just fill in dates as you go and don’t stress out if you miss a week here and there. Track the good stuff, scribble out the bad, count your blessings or vent a little—it’s just paper and there’s plenty of it, so take as much space as you need. Weekly spreads, monthly pages and tiny reminders will keep you focused on your goals… maybe?? Life can be a lot sometimes. Plan ahead so you have things to look forward to and don’t worry about the past because that was then and this is now.

Set of Four Mini Notebooks

Track plans, jot down reminders, scribble confessions, and anything else that comes to mind with this set of pocket-sized notebooks created by Adam J. Kurtz, graphic designer, artist and author of the international bestseller 1 Page at a Time. Each of the four notebooks has a bright, textured cover and a different interior (one is lined, one has graph paper, one has a dot grid, and the other is completely blank).

Check out flip through and time-lapse videos of the stationery in action at @adamjkpaper!