Unsolicited Advice Planners

Every year, I self-publish Unsolicited Advice, a goofy coil-bound planner for the year. It mixes my stupid humor and DIY zine elements with a clean, usable agenda elements like dated pages and calendars.

Why do most calendar/planners feel so sterile? Why are they some fake-leather-bound-zipper-bullshit? Why are they full of the same dusty quotes that would be inspirational if that hadn’t lost all meaning? What is nice is a planner that feels like it was made by someone you know or can at least relate to. If you’re going to really use a planner and fill it with your plans, notes and thoughts, shouldn’t it at least feel human?

Unsolicited Advice is a weekly planner with dated pages to help you keep your life organized. Part calendar, part journal, it’s intended to help you keep your shit together but also kick your ass a little bit. It nags you with small reminders like “go to bed what are you even doing right now???” then makes you laugh with unexpected surprises and of course my shitty drawings. It’s stupid and useful, full of surprises, with plenty of space for you to make it your own.”

I run the annual pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter, and the project and print runs grow annually. I’m proud to have been selected as a staff pick (“Projects We Love”) each year, and as the campaigns grow, the quality and bonus rewards have gotten better as well.

In November 2015, with backers’ help, I was able to make a $5000 charitable donation, distributed between New York’s City Harvest and Housing Works charities. I hope that this can become an ongoing and core part of the project moving forward.

Over the years, these planners have been featured in Adweek, Urban Outfitters blog (twice!), Swiss Miss, DesignTaxi, Adobe Create, PAPER, Design*Sponge, BuzzFeed, the Kickstarter blog itself and elsewhere.

For me, this is still a very personal project, where I get to be as weird as I like, and curse, and have fun, and make something that toes the line between useful and ridiculous. It’s a really wonderful way to ring in each new year and I invite you to join my mailing list for updates on the next edition.