Things Are What You Make of Them

Life Advice for Creatives

Thirteen handwritten essays on the emotional realities of being a creative person

1 Page at a Time

A Daily Creative Companion

365-page interactive journal to entertain and encourage as you make your way through our next year together

Pick Me Up

A Pep Talk For Now & Later

An interactive journal for the darker parts... start filling it in now and come back later to take your own advice

Unsolicited Advice

Annual Weekly Planner

This weekly planner is like having a tiny version of me gently nagging you all year and wow it might just work?

OK Tarot

The Simple Deck for Everyone

78-card tarot deck that strips gender and religion in favor of a friendly and inviting deck with accompanying booklet

What I Am Trying To Say To You

30 Cards To Post & Share


A book of postcards for the sentiments that are often hard to communicate otherwise

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