Insights and inspiration for anyone who makes art (or anything else) from someone who's been there (and kind of still is). 

Now with more masculine energy! Updated design ideal for:


  • the coffee table at your 80% male advertising agency

  • artfully propped next to an extremely specific creative industry award on your minimal bookshelf

  • untouched at the top of a pile of old design annuals

  • anywhere within 20 yards of a "Hustle Harder" poster

  • accidentally forgetting on a reclaimed wood countertop near the  the on-draft cold brew kitchenette of your conscious co-working space

  • allowing yourself to enjoy looking at a rainbow

"Advice from someone

who's been there"

Teen Vogue

"Kind, generous, and empowering"​

Cool Hunting

"A colorful, encouraging companion"


"Serving up optimism

and hope"


"Highly relatable and will make you laugh, cry and feel less crazy than you think you are. You're actually fine!"

Man Repeller

"Honestly, these nuggets of wisdom are valuable mood boosters for people in any career path."


"Full of pick-me-ups and reminders that you are more than your self-doubt, and certainly you aren't alone."


"Confronts… what concepts like happiness and success look like to people in creative or more traditional industries"

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